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Coming Soon: Occupational Health Practice Short Course

The course is in intermediate level.  Students with the basic knowledge in hazard identification/ recognition and concept of risk assessment are advantageous.  The training aims to equip the attendees to learn more on risk assessment with the support of scientific measurements/ data for hazard evaluation and risk management in workplaces.  Practical or simulation field exercises will be arranged for practice in small groups.     

Upon completion of the course, students are expected to be able to:

· Understand the basic knowledge in evaluation of the specific hazard under the topic areas;

· Knowing how to choose and operate an instrument for monitoring of the mentioned chemical or physical health hazard in workplace environment;

· Enhance the knowledge on risk assessment for some specific occupational hygiene issues;

· Write a comprehensive field report for the assessment

Topics to be covered:

Heat stress assessment and instrumentation for work in hot environment


Pre-entry air testing for Confined spaces work and interpretation of data


Noise exposure assessment, instrumentation and ear protection


Ventilation and lighting assessment for buildings

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